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      All type of internal combustion engines  

          Regardless of number of cylinders, kinds of fuel, ignition method  and

        type of ECU(Engine Control Unit) or Carburetor


     Optimum combustion by VID brings a remarkable results

      (Data from Power Research Center of Seoul National University,

       Technical Center of KIA Motors,Beijing Environment Dept. of China,

       Appraisal of Client prove this.)

     Reduce fuel consumption 8% ~ 20%  
       (at the same engine rpm)

    Reduce exhaust gas, especially particulate matters in diesel engine

               Hydrocarbons  1530%             Carbon monoxide 30% ~ 50%

            Nitric oxide     5% ~ 10%          Smoke 30% ~ 50%

            Particulate Materials 10% ~ 20%

    Increase engine power 8% ~ 20%

    Reduce vibration and noise
      (at the same fuel injection rate)


           * The above effect data may change according to change of condition.