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     VID system has two steps. The first step is input of fine energy of high

          frequency into the intake stroke. (in case of the compression ignition

            engines, it is done before the fuel injection at the compression  stroke)   

          The second step(only for the spark ignition engines) is input of a main      

            spark into the expansion stroke.

          Both steps are controlled by the fuzzy control unit.

          Recognition and response of VID is done immediately at any running

            condition of engines like forward control.

          VID dose not require power for own work and it works only while

            the car is moving  

  Change at the spark ignition and compression ignition(diesel)engines

         Fine energy of high frequency enhances ionization of the mixture           

            of fuel and air

          It makes the mixture gase to become optimum condition for combustion

            by activated molecular combination

          This improves efficiency of compression and brings homogeneous



   Fig2.Comparision of electric discharge at the expansion stroke

                          ( around 2000rpm by BOSCH FSA560)


            After capacity spark at spark plug induced lag wave is  continued

                 around -1.3kv

            During the step of remaining discharge the voltage is  dispersed

                 and hunted sharply

            Turbulence wave is generated and the voltage disappears

            Lag time of discharge is 1.7msec

            Secodary discharge voltage is about -1.3kv



            After capacity spark at spark plug induced lag wave is  continued

                smoothly around -2.0kv

            The voltage is converted to oscillation wave without sharp shape.

               This means the molecular combination of fuel and air is activated

                by fine energy of high frequency

            Lag time of discharge is 1.3msec

            Secodary discharge voltage is about -2.0kv                     


       In all of rpm range, the curve with VID shows more smooth