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Mar 2004

 VID technology introduced on the high school text book(physics).

Sep 2001

 Adopted by Environmental Management Corporation under the Ministry of Environment, Korea as New Technology for emission control

Dec 2000

 Completed model for the compression ignition diesel

 engine, 4000cc grade

Oct 2000

  Completed study as a national technology by MOCIE

   ( Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy)

  Submitted final report of Power Research Center of Seoul

     National University to MOCIE

Feb 2000

  Obtained acknowledgement for VID's performance from

  Beijing Environment  Dept., China  

Dec 1998

 Open VID web site

Aug 1997

 Cooperated with Power Research Center of Seoul

     National University on their research project

 Adopted and subsidized by the MOCIE as a national technology for engine policy


 Obtained patents from 5countries,Korea
(3 items 1994 and 1997),



 Completed model for the spark ignition engine


 Implemented study based on optimum combustion